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We all know Mallorca in the summer but it's often too hot to do much more than lie on the beach or bu the pool!

Mallorca is wonderful in the winter!

There is so much to see and explore, and the temperatures are generally 10 - 15 degrees above UK and Germany - we would thoroughtly recommend Mallorca in Winter!

Cycling in the mountains, hiking, a gentle walk in our beautiful countryside, learning about Palma or just a relaxing change of scenery.

The sun shines and if you're lucky with the weather it will warm enough for a little sun on a sheltered beach and coffee or lunch in an outside bar.

Late January and February are quite beautiful with the almond orchards - a sea of pink and white blossom. Squeeze a couple of fresh oranges for your breakfast juice. Wonderful.

Here are some websites and Apps used by visitors to help you fnd your way around.  


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