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  Andratx area

LA PLAZA is a charming Italian restaurant where you can have anything from their spare ribs, to pasta or pizza.  They are located on the square very near Ses Rosses.

SA SOCIEDAD is a superb restaurant at the top of the main street of Andratx, on the left.  Sa Sociedad is run by a Mallorquin family, the father is the chef Gabriel, who cooks delicious Mallorquin food, Spanish and International.  There is a menu of the day mid day, which is very reasonable and also another one in the evening, also of course there is the “A la Carte”too.  There wines are sensibly priced.  They close on a Monday evening and Tuesdays.

BAR CUBANO is a traditional bar just a little further up the road from SA SOCIEDAD and is located in a small square called Plaza Pou.  Here you will be able to get a taste of the authentic village bar.  David is the owner and his Pan Boli’s are very good.  Pan Boli is two slices of bread, rubbed with tomato and then olive oil is drizzled on and salt, the topping can be of cheese, ham, or local sausages.  Very good for a simple meal.  They close on Sunday.

BAR CLUB 67 is a charming bar lovely to sit out in the evenings, or be cosy inside.  Located on the south side of the square. They also serve tapas but their pan boli’s are exceptional.  Lovely music, nice décor, and charming people. 

BAR CA’S POBIL is one of the oldest, and typical Spanish bar, located in the square, next to Ses Rosses, with lovely hot tapas, made when ordered. Gaspar is the owner and he will welcome you with a smile.

BAR CAN MIGUEL is another typical Mallorquin bar, but is very nice for a Spanish breakfast.  Opposite the large electrical shop PALMER’S.

THE VILLAGE is much cheaper than the Port of Andratx, it is different, one can walk everywhere and everything is at hand.  This is a working town with a market on a Wednesday.

THE PORT OF ANDRATX is a stunning fishing village, the restaurants are in abundance.  I would recommend, MIRAMAR, (fish and international cooking with a touch of Italian.)

EL COCHE (Spanish cooking, fish, with a special touch).

TRAMONTANA (not in the centre of the Port it is on the other side of the Port, it is a sophisticated Spanish cooking, with a stunning twist.  Their garden is lovely to sit out in and enjoy the summer evenings, or cosy inside, as it is a reformed old farm house.

EL GALLEGO (shell fish, fish restaurant, most of their shell fish comes from Galicia, their fish comes fresh off the boats which come in at 5 every evening into the Port) One of the restaurants is the one by the church, the other is a little further down on the right, larger restaurant, but both are delicious.

FISH AND SOUL  a unique fish restaurant run by a charming man called Mikael, who is an expert chef with fish.  They shut on a Sunday.  This restaurant is situated on the corner of the pedestrian streets. Calle Colon.

OLIU restaurant is situated on the round about half way down from Andratx old town and the Port on the left hand side.  It is a beautiful farm house reformed into a very sophisticated restaurant where you will have a Michelin chef’s influence on his food.  It is wonderful for kids as they are safe as it is off the road.  They shut on Mondays.

CAN PEP is located on the front, next door to Bar Central the food is exquisite with very different dishes, a lot of the produce they use comes from their own farm, their rice dishes are spectacular.

BAR CENTAL is a lovely bar to have coffee at in the morning as it gets the sun and one sits by the sea.  Their tapas are excellent.

CAPUCCINO is on a level of it’s own with soft music, lovely cakes, nice coffee, and a first line location.

THE CENTRE OF THE PORT - BARS IN THE EVENING are located on the front past the Hotel Brismar. They have the best night life, sunset views, or just chill out.  In the middle of them is

TIM’S BAR - The ususl drinks - cocktails and some snocks.

MIDJ Y MIDJ - A nice selection of salads and very nice Pixxas

ROMEO’S - Poll position in the Port, open pretty much all the time including winter,  serving tapas and seasonal specials. Live music some nights

KOI - a very good Japanese restaurant.