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Location, Location, Location.. 

C'an Masingo has been used on a couple of occasions for photoshoots. 

Swedish food writer and nutritional coach Cathrine Schuck regularly uses Mallorca for the photography for her books and courses. The quality of the fresh produce combine well with the natural light to produce excellent results, both in the food prepared and the photographs taken.

Cathrine runs residential courses a couple of times a year here in Mallorca - excercise, walking in our fabulous countryside and coastal routes, sourcing local foods, fish from the port, fruit and vegetables from the markets, locally produced wines and olive oils; Cathrine prepares and cooks with guests and friends and at the end of the day, all sit together and enjoy the fruits of their labours.

I was delighted when Cathrine asked if she could use my house and garden for her own photoshoot, and use my lovely new kitchen to prepare and photograph her work.

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Photographs by Zara Doublet Photography

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